Financial Must Reads As 2016 Begins

Financial Must Reads As 2016 Begins

Published Tuesday, January 19, 2016 by Chris Miller

Financial Must Reads As 2016 Begins

As the first weeks of 2016 are underway, now makes a perfect time to prepare for the year moving forward. As you’re starting that new diet, joining a gym or partaking in some other type of resolution, what else should you have on your horizon?

From understanding social security filing strategies to planning for a future vacation, these five articles can give you a refresher on topics to consider for the New Year.

Time to Review Social Security Filing Strategies
In later 2015, Congress and President Obama signed into law the “Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015” that will change the strategies some retirees will use when filing for Social Security benefits. What has changed and what do you need to do? Read more.

Wisdom Gained From the Dollar Store
What knowledge of value could one possibly find in a place where the featured value is only $1? Surprisingly, quite a bit. Find out how the dollar store can provide life lessons. Read more.

Five Things to Do Before Meeting With an Advisor
Americans' financial lives are increasingly complex and keeping track of all your savings and investments has prompted many individuals to seek guidance.

If you are part of this growing majority, you may have already scheduled a meeting with an advisor. To make the most of your time together, keep this pre-meeting checklist in mind. Read more.

Cut Vacation Costs by Daring to Be Different
If the high cost of travel has you down, take heart. Almost anywhere you go, many of the best things in life truly are free, or at least not terribly expensive.

Here’s how to take an unforgettable vacation this summer without spending a fortune by taking a path less traveled. Read more.

Long Term Care: What You Should Know
The good news is we’re living longer...

The bad news is we’re living longer. While many of us think we’ll peacefully shuffle off this mortal coil in our sleep, the reality is most of us will require some level of long term care assistance.

Who will provide this help? How much will it cost? Having a plan in place for your spouse or kids allows you to control the decisions today you won’t be able to make tomorrow. Read more.


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