Tru Direction: 2020 Sponsor of Elkhart's Lemonade Day Program

Tru Direction: 2020 Sponsor of Elkhart's Lemonade Day Program

Published Sunday, November 17, 2019 2:00 pm

Tru Direction, Inc. is a 2020 Elkhart County Lemonade Day Sponsor. Official kick-off activities begin on date to be announced.

Teach your kids about money
Lemonade stands are a great opportunity to teach your kids about money. Learning commerce is a must. Your child must understand: cost, inventory, profit, marketing, and discipline. Children as young as three years old can benefit from a lemonade stand, but you will see the entrepreneurial spirit kick in when your child is about eight. Your child will make better consumer decisions if they understand how businesses work.

A common goal
People love to support kids, especially when they know the money is going toward a good cause. Whether your child's goal is raising money for a new bike, donating to a worthwhile organization or both,  your customers will love to rally behind him or her. And it gives you something you can work toward together as a family, fostering comradery.

Make someone's day
How many times have you driven by a lemonade stand and smiled at the adorable-ness of it? By simply making a lemonade stand, you will most likely brighten several people's days...including yours and your child(ren)'s.

Think big
Use the opportunity to expand your kids' thinking. Identify a goal (cause or organization) for which your child may want to raise money. Perhaps do some reading about the organization and discuss why it would be a good fit for your youngster to support.

Make it happen ... open a lemonade stand
Take the opportunity to open a lemonade stand with your kids. You'll have fun while teaching your children about money; it will help create lasting memories; and you'll make a lot
of people happy doing it.

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