5 Tips To Sell Your Home Faster

5 Tips To Sell Your Home Faster

In the midst of this still slow market, it can be difficult to sell your home. While decreasing the price is always a good incentive, there are also other tactics that can attract buyers. Here are 5 tips for selling your home faster.

Published Monday, April 15, 2013

1. Do another walk through
If youíve had a lot of foot traffic with no offers, it may be time to reassess your homeís appearance. Have a friend or neighbor walk through with you to add a fresh perspective, then change anything they see - chipping paint or cluttered closets.

2. Work on the listing
Re-word the listing, using more vibrant language in the descriptions. Add more details if you think it might be lacking. Take some more pictures and upload them. Every time you make a change to the listing, potential buyers get alerted if it falls in their search criteria.

3. Take it off the market
This may sound counterintuitive if you want to sell your house. However, if youíre not in a rush to sell your home, you might consider taking it off the market for a few months. Re-posting after a period may elicit new interest.

4. Restage the home
If your home hasnít had many offers, it might be time to rearrange furniture or update the wall colors. Investing in some updates like new exterior paint or kitchen appliances can make a world of difference.

5. Drop the price
If a house is overpriced, it wonít sell. If you are concerned that your home is a bit too pricey, you might browse similar listings on real estate web sites to see how your home compares. Regardless of how long your home has been on the market, hang tight! You will find the right home buyers at just the right time.


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