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Enticing Lemonade Stands: Budding Entrepreneurs

Nothing conjures up thoughts of summer like ice cold lemonade. Rocking on a front porch while listening to the ocean sounds would be the perfect setting. But many of us have neither (except the lemonade) --  so sitting outside, slowly sipping a glass of lemonade, helps us enjoy the memories or visions of future summer evenings.

And around the country, kids are now busily thinking about how they can entice us to share our lazy-day dreams with them -- by selling us that tart refreshing lemonade. They are building engaging lemonade stands and giving them catchy names, creating a menu to help them figure out their financial needs to make a profit and pulling together their work schedule.

Lemonade stands have become a serious learning experience and Tru Direction is pleased to be part of this seasonal activity. They empower youngsters to become entrepreneurs -- providing long lasting financial knowledge that will serve them well into adulthood ... the beginning of the road to financial literacy. As a new sponsor of Lemonade Day  https://lemonadeday.org/  -- Tru Direction encourages you to share and enjoy this information with the young folks in your life.

Below is a list of links to some lemonade stands throughout the country and other financial information geared to helping youngsters become successful entrepreneurs: